Meet the Crafter

Greetings from the captivating island of Sri Lanka! My name is Thilina Perera, and I’m the creative force behind Ceylon Leather Crafts, also known as “Crafted By Thilina.”
From my early days as a child, I found joy in deconstructing and reconstructing toys. This childhood fascination laid the foundation for my passion for craftsmanship. Crafting with my own two hands became a source of immense delight, and I developed a habit of dedicating my time and energy to creating things I envisioned.

In 2020, I embarked on a journey into the world of leather crafting. This newfound hobby not only provided an escape from the demands of daily life but also ignited my creativity. As the pandemic unfolded, I embraced leather crafting wholeheartedly and transformed it into a full-time pursuit.

Through Ceylon Leather Crafts, I’m committed to delivering meticulously handcrafted premium leather products that bear the essence of Sri Lanka, my beloved home. Join me in experiencing the beauty and artistry of leather products that are born from passion and dedication.

As I walk this creative path, I hold a grand vision close to my heart – to foster an industry for handmade leather goods right here in Sri Lanka. Your support isn’t just about acquiring a unique product; it’s about becoming a part of a movement to promote local craftsmanship and create a legacy of handmade excellence.

Best regards,

Thilina Perera
Ceylon Leather Crafts